Crepe Pan: Flat, Low-sided Pan Made Especially for Making Thin Pancakes

A crepe pan is a specialty pan used for making crepes, a very thin French pancake. With its very low sides and wide diameter, the crepe pan is also great for flambe work.

Good crepe pans are are light enough to constantly swirl the batter as it is poured into the pan and flipping when it comes time to turn them over, but heavy enough so that heat is distributed over the bottom evenly. If the pan is too thin, the heat isn’t distributed well.

Some crepe pans have a non-stick bottom while others, like black steel crepe pans, build up a non-stick surface through seasoning over a period of time. All crepe pans will have sides that slope out so that the finished crepes are easily removed.

Very small crepe pans are called blini pans, and have very specific use – for making very small pancakes (traditionally buckwheat) that are served with a caviar set up.

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Affiliate: An example of hard-anodized aluminum crepe pan with a nonstick surface. 


A recipe for crepes can be found on Pastry Sampler Live, and a great video on how to make them is via Albarock.