Potato and Vegetable Steamer: V-Shaped for Easy Steaming of Vegetables

This unique pan consists of different parts. The squat, bulbous base holds water (that is brought up to temperature for steaming) and has a grate resting on top of it. A narrow bottomed, V-shaped pan is […]

What is a Steamer Pan?

A steamer pan is a two-tiered pan cooking system that has a perforated bottom on the top to allow for steam that is created from simmering water in the bottom pan. It is commonly used […]

Couscoussier: Especially Made for Steaming Couscous

A couscoussier is a specialty pan made for cooking couscous. A couscoussier consists of two pans, one is set on top of the other, where the top pan has a perforated bottom for steaming. It is similar […]