Sugar Pans Used for Boiling Sugar Syrups

A sugar pan is a pan specially made for cooking syrups and boiling sugars. While you can find sugar pans made out of many materials (stainless steel, aluminum, lined or plain copper), the most popular ones are made of materials […]

Potato and Vegetable Steamer: V-Shaped for Easy Steaming of Vegetables

This unique pan consists of different parts. The squat, bulbous base holds water (that is brought up to temperature for steaming) and has a grate resting on top of it. A narrow bottomed, V-shaped pan is […]

What is a Chestnut Pan?

A chestnut pan is a frying pan with a perforated bottom. The perforations allow for lots of heat contact for better roasted flavors for the chestnuts. Chestnut pans are made to be used over open […]

Couscoussier: Especially Made for Steaming Couscous

A couscoussier is a specialty pan made for cooking couscous. A couscoussier consists of two pans, one is set on top of the other, where the top pan has a perforated bottom for steaming. It is similar […]