Sugar Pans Used for Boiling Sugar Syrups

A sugar pan is a pan specially made for cooking syrups and boiling sugars. While you can find sugar pans made out of many materials (stainless steel, aluminum, lined or plain copper), the most popular ones are made of materials that conduct heat well, such as copper. Using materials that conduct heat the best ensure the sugar melts evenly.

Only use unlined copper pans for sugar boiling, though. Since sugar doesn’t react with copper, many sugar pans are made out of plain copper and left unlined.

Some handles, like the pan below, have handles that are thicker at the ends. This ensures a firm grip can be held onto the pan as you are pouring the hot, boiling sugar.

Some have spouts making it easy to pour the hot liquid out. Since they are basically used only for hot sugar syrups, they are typically found no larger than with a 8-inch diameter base.

For the copper pans above, email us for availability. Affiliate: Below is an example of a copper sugar pan that is lined with tin.