Double Boiler Pan: Two Tiered Pan Set

A double boiler is a two-tiered pan set. The bottom pan holds water which is simmered, letting what is put in the top pan slowly melt or slowly cook. It is often referred to a the bain marie pan, […]

What is a Chestnut Pan?

A chestnut pan is a frying pan with a perforated bottom. The perforations allow for lots of heat contact for better roasted flavors for the chestnuts. Chestnut pans are made to be used over open […]

What is a Pie Pan?

A pie pan is a round, shallow pan with sloping sides. Generally, most pie pans have some kind of lip around the edge to hold and showcase the crust.

What is a Dutch Oven?

A Dutch oven is a heavy pot used for baking and stove top braising of foods. They are popular with making stews and cassoulets, and usually comes with a lid that fits well to keep […]

What is a Fondue Pan?

A fondue set generally has a sauce pot or round pot with a lid that fits different sized forks to rest. It is set over a base that is heated, that will keep warmed cheese […]

What is a Steamer Pan?

A steamer pan is a two-tiered pan cooking system that has a perforated bottom on the top to allow for steam that is created from simmering water in the bottom pan. It is commonly used […]

Couscoussier: Especially Made for Steaming Couscous

A couscoussier is a specialty pan made for cooking couscous. A couscoussier consists of two pans, one is set on top of the other, where the top pan has a perforated bottom for steaming. It is similar […]

What is a Fish Poacher (Pan)?

A fish poacher is an elongated pan used to poach fish fillets and whole fish. It generally consists of a long pan, a rack (not as tall as a steamer insert) to hold up the […]