What is a Silicone Baking Mat?

A silicone baking mat is a mat made of laminated and ruberized silicone. Some have reinforced fiberglass fibers or a fiberglass mesh and those types of mats are not made to be cut, trimmed or used […]

What is a Flared Bread Pan?

A flared bread pan is just what it sounds like – a bread pan with flared sides. Flared bread pans with rolled edges are made for heavy-duty applications. Flared bread pans also go by the […]

What is a Pullman Loaf Pan? (Pan de Mie)

These are covered bread pans with a sliding cover that can be shut during baking. This will keep the bread in a uniform rectangular shape (and perfectly square slices) with no rounded top typical of […]

What is a Flan Ring?

A flan ring is similar to and used like a tart ring. It is in varying shape (round, rectangle or flower are popular) and made of stainless steel or tin plate. Flan rings can be […]

What is a Brioche Mold?

A brioche mold or pan is a multi-fluted pan with steeply sloping sides. In most cases, brioche pans are called by the number of flutes (sometimes called waves or curves) around the edge, for example a […]

What are Madeleine Molds?

Madeleine cookies are a distinctive cookie baked in a scallop shell shaped mold. Madeleine pans can be small or large shape, in many different pan materials such as nonstick, tin plate and silicone.

What is a Vegetable Pan?

A vegetable pan is commonly used as a casserole baking pan. It is round with sloping, rounded sides and has two handles. It is sometimes a decorative pan to serve table side after cooking.