Casserole Pan for the Range: Rondeau or Brazier

A rondeau or brazier is a stovetop casserole pan built for both stove top and oven use. These pans have lower sides with wide bottoms, perfect for braising or cooking stews such as cioppino. It is related to the saucepot pan. […]

What is a Silicone Baking Mat?

A silicone baking mat is a mat made of laminated and ruberized silicone. Some have reinforced fiberglass fibers or a fiberglass mesh and those types of mats are not made to be cut, trimmed or used […]

What is a Flared Bread Pan?

A flared bread pan is just what it sounds like – a bread pan with flared sides. Flared bread pans with rolled edges are made for heavy-duty applications. Flared bread pans also go by the […]

What is a Pullman Loaf Pan? (Pan de Mie)

These are covered bread pans with a sliding cover that can be shut during baking. This will keep the bread in a uniform rectangular shape (and perfectly square slices) with no rounded top typical of […]

What is a Brioche Mold?

A brioche mold or pan is a multi-fluted pan with steeply sloping sides. In most cases, brioche pans are called by the number of flutes (sometimes called waves or curves) around the edge, for example a […]

What is a Vegetable Pan?

A vegetable pan is commonly used as a casserole baking pan. It is round with sloping, rounded sides and has two handles. It is sometimes a decorative pan to serve table side after cooking.