Sea Urchin Opener

Sea Urchin Opener

A sea urchin opener makes quick work of opening sea urchins. While they can easily be snipped open using scissors, see video below, this tool removes the top in one motion.    Affiliate: sea urchin […]

Wok: Pan Made for High Heat, Quick Cooking

A wok is a pan used primarily for Asian-style cooking. It has rounded or straight sloping sides which makes it easier to toss and move food that is cooked at high heat. Some woks have one […]

Sugar Pans Used for Boiling Sugar Syrups

A sugar pan is a pan specially made for cooking syrups and boiling sugars. While you can find sugar pans made out of many materials (stainless steel, aluminum, lined or plain copper), the most popular ones are made of materials […]

Crepe Pan: Flat, Low-sided Pan Made Especially for Making Thin Pancakes

A crepe pan is a specialty pan used for making crepes, a very thin French pancake. With its very low sides and wide diameter, the crepe pan is also great for flambe work. Good crepe pans […]

Casserole Pan for the Range: Rondeau or Brazier

A rondeau or brazier is a stovetop casserole pan built for both stove top and oven use. These pans have lower sides with wide bottoms, perfect for braising or cooking stews such as cioppino. It is related to the saucepot pan. […]

Brazier Pans: Low Sided Wide Pans


A brazier is similar to a rondeau, and performs in the same manner. Both are wide, low sided pans that are great for simmering foods. Almost all of them (or at least the best ones) have ovenproof […]

Potato and Vegetable Steamer: V-Shaped for Easy Steaming of Vegetables

This unique pan consists of different parts. The squat, bulbous base holds water (that is brought up to temperature for steaming) and has a grate resting on top of it. A narrow bottomed, V-shaped pan is […]

Double Boiler Pan: Two Tiered Pan Set

A double boiler is a two-tiered pan set. The bottom pan holds water which is simmered, letting what is put in the top pan slowly melt or slowly cook. It is often referred to a the bain marie pan, […]